Claims of Talabani's death untrue, official says

Claims of Talabani's death untrue, official says

Claims of Talabanis death untrue, official says

Iraq's President Jalal Talabani. AP Photo

The media adviser to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has denied claims about Talabani's health condition, saying the president's health is improving day by day, daily HaberTürk has reported.

"The story published by the newspaper [Le Figaro] does not reflect the truth, [it is] far from the truth," Barzan Şeyh Mustafa said.

French daily Le Figaro reported Talabani, who was taken to Germany for treatment after suffering a heart attack, had been declared brain dead.

Doctors at Berlin's Charite Hospital reportedly said Talabani's health was in irrecoverably bad condition when he arrived in Germany, according to Le Figaro.

The president, who is in his late 70s, was hospitalized on Dec. 17 after what state television reported was a stroke.