Citizens run Sweden's Twitter account

Citizens run Sweden's Twitter account

Citizens run Swedens Twitter account

Sweden hands over its twitter account to its citizens.

Swedes are taking turns each week to tweet on their country's behalf on its official Twitter account. 

The campaign, initiated by "Curators of Sweden," reportedly aims to promote the "democratization of the country's brand."

Sweden became the first country to hand over control of its Twitter account to its citizens, with varied outcomes and responses. Some tweets were political in nature, while others contained personal information. 

One tweet from Sweden's official "@sweden" account read, "Today 18000 Swedes are homeless. Might not sound much, but every one of those is a person of flesh and blood breathing the same air as me." 
Meanwhile, another Swedish citizen tweeted, "Listen up, folks! I'm @kwasbeb, a regular Swedish dude, and I'm taking over this goddamned account for a week! Expect bad sex and slapstick."

The practice was criticized by several online blogs as users tweeting on behalf of Sweden opted to tweet about themselves, promoting their businesses using the country's account. 

Many Twitter users, however, are pleased to see ordinary people posting their messages on a country's account, calling it "fascinating," and "a redefinition of people's parliament."