Chinese workers fleeing from one-child policy employed in Turkish mines: Report

Chinese workers fleeing from one-child policy employed in Turkish mines: Report

Chinese contractors undertaking construction in the Turkish mining province Zonguldak employ compatriots, most of whom fled their country due to the one-child policy, a report claimed.

“Chinese companies win Turkish mining firms’ underground work tenders and bring workers from their country,” a daily Millliyet report published Nov. 26 quoted Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZTSO) Chairman Salih Demir as saying.

There are currently more than 1,200 Chinese workers working at two underground projects in Zonguldak, according to data provided by Demir.

“The [Chinese] company that won the well drilling contract with Turkish Hard Coal Institute (TTK) and has brought over 500 workers. Another 700 Chinese workers work at Eren Holding’s thermal power plant,” he said.

These Chinese workers, who are claimed to be ex-convicts or petty criminals, violated the harsh one-child policy in the country. They are mainly employed as a cheap source of labor and their wages are reported to range between 300 to 500 Turkish Liras.

However, their expertise in the mine-related field also makes them preferable.

The Chinese workers’ influx to the mining province, which started back in 2000, prompted some concern over the high level of level in the city.

Demir, however, says this is not an issue anymore, as the jobs Chinese workers take are not wanted by Turkish workers.

“They fill a gap because they are a cheap source of labor and Turkish workers don’t want to work in this field,” he said, adding there are not many Turkish workers who have the same abilities.