Children clinging to life with the Janissary Band

Children clinging to life with the Janissary Band

BURDUR - Anatolia News Agency
Children clinging to life with the Janissary Band

The Janissary Band consists of mentally and physically disabled children. AA photo

Fourteen mentally and physically disabled children from the Bucak İsmail Şerife Care and Rehabilitation Center have formed a Janissary Band together.

Bayram Keskin, the manager of the center, announced that they had formed a Janissary Band in February, consisting of mentally and physically disabled children.

He said that the practices for the band took place in the remaining time from the formal education of the children and the first performance was on the May 10 within the Disability Week.

The second performance of the children was on May 18 during the visit of the Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin to the center. “We have constituted the first Janissary Band of our city. Everyone attends the performances of our children with admiration and these children have enhanced their self confidence. These children stated that they are dedicated in varied areas of life. They have not only made us happy but also became happy themselves.” Keskin declared.

Keskin explained that besides the Janissary Band, they had sports, handicraft and cultural activities in the center with the capacity of 84 people.

Visiting parents on special days

The aim of these activities was stated as rehabilitation by Keskin, and he added that most of the parents of these disabled children were in different cities and therefore they are not able to visit their children all the time.

Keskin said that they were taking photos of the children and sending those to the parents on special days such as Mothers’ Day and the Fathers’ Day, since only the 20 percent of the children could meet their families.Children are happy.

Oğuz Doymuş, one of the kids from the Janissary Band, said that he was playing the drums in the band and was very much enjoying his time during the performances with his friends. He was looking forward to continuing the practices of the Janissary Band.