Car hits pedestrians outside London museum

Car hits pedestrians outside London museum

Car hits pedestrians outside London museum

London police said that emergency services are outside the Natural History Museum in London after a car struck pedestrians on Oct. 7, adding that a number of people have been injured and one person has been detained at the scene.

Police described the incident in the South Kensington area of London as a collision and said the motive for the incident was under investigation.

The crash happened at 2:20 p.m. on a day when the central London museum is usually teeming with pedestrians including international tourists. Photographs showed a dented silver car and a man being pinned to the ground outside the museum.

The London Ambulance Service was responding to the incident.

Police said more details would be released later. There was no immediate statement on the number or severity of the injuries.

London’s official terrorist threat level has been set at "severe," indicating an attack is highly likely.