Cancer drugs to be only available in hospitals

Cancer drugs to be only available in hospitals

Cancer drugs to be only available in hospitals The Turkish Health Ministry banned the sale of cancer drugs in pharmacies as of July 1. They will now only be provided in the hospitals, in order to “prevent malpractice.”

Turkey has seen many reports about fake cancer drugs; some Turkish nationals have even been charged in the United States for importing fake cancer drugs in previous years. The Health Ministry has decided to end problems caused by fake drugs, as well as to prevent the selling of these drugs on the black market, by making hospitals the only source of the drugs. 

“Our government’s ‘Transformation in Health’ program halted a wrong practice [allowing pharmacies to sell cancer drugs]…our patients who are being treated in hospitals are provided their drugs on site, which prevent any wrongdoings,” said the ministry in a statement on April 29, according to Anadolu Agency.

However, Nurten Saydan, the president of the Pharmacists’ Federation of Employers’ Organization (TEİS), said the new procedure will bring about other problems, claiming that it will add to financial problems pharmacies are already facing.

“It will bring many new problems. Cancer drugs will be stolen and sold to patients at high prices on the black market. Some patients may not have access to the drugs. We will take legal action,” Saydan told daily Hürriyet on May 4.