Cameron visits British troops in Afghanistan

Cameron visits British troops in Afghanistan

LONDON - Agence France-Presse
Cameron visits British troops in Afghanistan

British PM Cameron (2nd R) says that Afghan security forces are doing better than expected in his visit. REUTERS Photo

Prime Minister David Cameron on Dec. 20 paid a pre-Christmas visit to British troops serving in Afghanistan, insisting that the “high price” paid by servicemen had been worthwhile, his office said.

Cameron told reporters that Afghan security forces were “doing better than expected” as he defended plans for the British force to be cut to 5,200 next year, according to his office.

The premier, who was touring Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, said he was confident that the draw-down of nearly half of the British troops deployed, announced in parliament on Dec. 19, and would not pave the way for an increase in terrorist activity.

“This is withdrawal. This is draw-down based on success, not on failure.” He added that the decision was taken for good military reasons and it has been done in a proper way.

“We’re confident it can be done while making sure Afghanistan does not return to become a haven of terrorism which is of course why we came here in the first place,” stressed the prime minister.