Businessman presents antiques in his museum

Businessman presents antiques in his museum

GAZİANTEP - Anatolia News Agency
Businessman presents antiques in his museum

Businessman Fahri Buğra, who has been interested in antiques since his childhood, displays his objects at the museum in his work place in Gaziantep.

A businessman from the southeastern Turkish province of Gaziantep has established a museum in his ice cream shop displaying antiques that he has collected since his childhood.

An ice cream maker from the southeastern province of Gaziantep has established a small museum gathering antique works that he has collected since his childhood. Among the myriad of curiosities are a number of precious items, including a very special antique walking stick.

Fahri Buğra works with ice cream and traditional foods and has been interested in antiques since his childhood. He established the museum at his place of business in the Başpınar district of the city, where industrial enterprises are mostly located.

Displays at the museum feature all kinds of antique objects from old telephones, electronic tools and gramophones, to watches and old books, Buğra said, adding that war weapons were very important to him in his small museum.

Customers who come to his place have the chance to see the objects and like them very much, Buğra said, adding that after displaying the antique objects, his business potential increased.

“People are really interested in antique objects,” he said. “I have been interested in antiques for many years. I have objects from my grandparents along with those given to me as gifts and those I have purchased.” Buğra said he was passionate about antiques and aims to preserve these historical and cultural objects for future generations.

It is very hard to preserve and keep the item as well as gather them, he said. “I have to say that my passion for antiques is a very amusing hobby, but it is very expensive,” he said, adding that he spends nearly 30 percent of his annual income on collectibles.

Walking stick is his favorite piece

War weaponry with antique value has an important place in the museum, Buğra said.

“There are more than 1,000 objects in my museum. Among them the most important is this walking stick produced for Atatürk,” he said.

According to Buğra, the walking stick, which is shaped like a gun, was made by one of Gaziantep’s famous weapon makers, a blacksmith named Yusuf. Yusuf was ordered to make the walking stick by an Ottoman private named Şaban, who obtained the original gun from his commander, Şahin Bey, who died in battle when France conquered Gaziantep. Private Şaban held onto the weapon-shaped walking stick in hopes of gifting it to Atatürk.

Secondly, the stick is made from a gun barrel and cold steel,” said Buğra.

“The stick has come to light thanks to me,” Buğra said. “I purchased it from a close relative of the sergeant. He gave it to me because he knew I would keep it in good condition and to that end it was included in my collection. There is a statement on the walking stick that says it was produced to be given to Atatürk as a gift.”