Business world ‘leans toward an AKP-CHP coalition’

Business world ‘leans toward an AKP-CHP coalition’

Sadi Özdemir - ISTANBUL
Business world ‘leans toward an AKP-CHP coalition’

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Head of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) and one of the founders of the AKP, İbrahim Çağlar, has said the best available option for Turkey is the establishment of a coalition government between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The business circles will support this option, according to Çağlar. 

“The CHP took the second largest volume of votes in the elections. An AKP-CHP coalition is a much better option than others if we want to see a strong government …A coalition government by the two parties that took the most votes will enable Turkey to move faster. As the representatives of the business world, we support this option as well,” he said.  

Çağlar noted business circles are generally against a snap election. 

“We actually do not want any early elections as this option will make Turkey lose time. With the realization of this option, many investments are taken on hold or even canceled, which is very bad for the economy… As the representatives of the business world, we therefore do not want snap elections,” he said. 

Çağlar said that Turkey has already been encircled by several uncertainties, adding that urgent steps must be taken to revive the economy again. 

“Turkey would increase its exports if the neighboring countries were more stable than they are now…We now seek ways to boost both our production and export figures. Yes, the domestic market is very lively and dynamic, but our exports are not increasing. We must also create new jobs. Our economy is now running idle as the business world is waiting. We want to do business again as soon as the new government is established,” he said.