Fire brought under control in İzmir’s Karabağlar

Fire brought under control in İzmir’s Karabağlar

Fire brought under control in İzmir’s Karabağlar

The fire in the Aegean province of İzmir’s Karabağlar district has been brought under control after ravaging the area for two days.

“We have managed to bring the fire that broke out in Karabağlar under control two days and five hours later. The cooling and extinguishing works [of the fire brigade] are continuing. But the extinguishing activities are almost finalized,” Agriculture and Forestry Minister Pekir Pakdemirli told reporters on Aug. 20 at the site of the affected area.

On Aug. 18, forest fires broke out in four different regions in Turkey – two each in the Aegean province of Muğla and İzmir. The fires in İzmir consumed some 500 hectares of land in İzmir alone, officials previously announced.

Meanwhile, Environment and Urbanization Minister said on Aug. 20 that charred forestland on Turkey’s Aegean coastline will not be opened for construction.

“By the year 2023, we will increase the amount of protected areas in our country to 17 percent,” Kurum told reporters, adding that the government hopes to increase the amount of green space per capita from 7-8 square meters to at least 15 square meters.

“So it is by no means possible for these areas to be turned into barren territories or be zoned for construction,” he added.

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