BSEC helps reveal regional potential

BSEC helps reveal regional potential

Nicolae Timofti
BSEC helps reveal regional potential It gives me pleasure to celebrate together 20 years since the creation of this important platform of economic cooperation and multilateral communication that the BSEC is. I hope the permanent dialogue between the Republic of Moldova and other states from the Black Sea region will place in the nearest future more economic initiatives on the BSEC agenda.

The extended Black Sea region has considerable economic and human potential, and if efficiently used could contribute to the overcoming of negative effects of the world economic crisis. Some partner states have demonstrated that amidst the world economic crisis they can remain stable and even generate growth in their GDP.

Human and natural resources, energy potential and notably oil and natural gas, as well as strategic transit routes grant this region major importance. There are multiple discussions within the BSEC on various sectors such as energy, transportation, science and technology, tourism, health care and pharmaceutics, promotion and protection of investment, agriculture and environmental protection.

An important element in the cooperation of BSEC members is the implementation of concrete projects like: “Road Belt around the Black Sea,” “Development of the Black Sea’s Maritime Routes” and “The Pilot Project on Permits for Transiting Goods by Road in the Territories of BSEC Member States.”

The Republic of Moldova aspires to the affirmation of the BSEC as an efficient structure of economic and commercial cooperation as well as of consolidating good neighborhood relations amongst member states.

Good luck to everybody.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Moldova.