Bosphorus Film Festival kicks off in Istanbul

Bosphorus Film Festival kicks off in Istanbul

Bosphorus Film Festival kicks off in Istanbul The 4th International Bosphorus Film Festival, organized by the International Bosphorus Cinema Association and the Istanbul Media Academy, will take place between Nov. 10 and 18 in Istanbul.

The festival will open with the Turkey premiere of Slovenian director Ziga Virc’s documentary film “Houston, We Have a Problem!” The intriguing docu-fiction explores the myth of the secret multi-billion-dollar deal behind America’s purchase of Yugoslavia’s clandestine space program in the early 1960s.

For the first time this year, the festival organizes the National Feature Film Contest, to which 347 films have been submitted. 

Reha Erdem’s “Koca Dünya” (Big Big World), Derviş Zaim’s “Rüya” (Dream), Mehmet Can Mertoğlu’s “Albüm” (Album), Ümit Köreken’s “Mavi Bisiklet” (Blue Bicycle), Kıvanç Sezer’s “Babamın Kanatları” (My Father’s Wings), Tayfur Aydın’s “Siyah Karga” (Black Crow), Bedir Afşin’s “Son Kuşlar” (The Last Birds) and  Gözde Kural’s “Toz” (Dust) will compete in this section. 

Polish documentary maker Marta Minorowicz’s “Zud,” young director Emma Rozanski’s “Papagajka,” Kazakh director Yerlan Nurmukhambetov’s “Walnut Tree,” Iranian-origin Dutch producer Kaweh Modiri’s “Bodkin Ras,” Hungarian director and actor Szabolcs Hajdu’s “It’s Not The Time Of My Life,” Ronny Trocker’s “The Eremites” and Ivan Marinovic’in “The Black Pin” will be among the films to compete in the International Feature Film Contest. 

The festival will end on Nov. 18 at a closing and award ceremony to be held at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall.