Bosnia and Herzegovina works for Mideast arrivals

Bosnia and Herzegovina works for Mideast arrivals

Safet Softic First Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
As a consequence of the armed conflicts in the Middle East there has been a migration of a large number of the population. In particular, we should emphasize conflicts in Syria and Northern Iraq that have led to the exodus of a large number of refugees. According to the data from FRONTEX, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, the migration routes are the West African route, the Western Mediterranean route, the Central Mediterranean route, the Apulia and Calabria route, the route between Albania and Greece, the Western Balkan route, the Eastern Mediterranean route and the Eastern Borders route. Migration crisis as a global issue and challenge was the topic of the annual session of the Central European Initiative Parliamentary Assembly held in Skopje.

The information herewith also includes data on accommodation capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the event of large inflow of refugees, as well as institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are competent for issues relevant to migrant crisis.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Security, the Council of Ministers adopted the Information on estimates and possibilities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of refugee crisis in the region and the EU at its 22nd session held on Sept. 8, 2015. All the institutions and agencies are tasked to implement the measures defined in the plan of urgent measures for the provision of additional capacities, control and management of the large-scale influx of migrants / refugees to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ministry of Security and the Coordination Body for Migration Issues were tasked to monitor the implementation of the Plan of urgent measures in cooperation with other relevant institutions, and if necessary, to modify it and inform the Council of Ministers thereof.

It is said in the above-mentioned Information on estimates and possibilities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of refugee crisis in the region and the EU, that due to the current situation in the region, there can be a mass entry of migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially bearing in mind the length of the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Hungary closed its border crossing point with Croatia in October for illegal border crossings of migrants, and before that, in September, the green border was closed with Serbia. The Information on estimates and possibilities states that, in the event of a mass influx, it is necessary to take all measures in order to ensure that these persons are treated in a humane and dignified manner, in accordance with the international law and the legislation.

The institutional framework for the implementation of emigration and asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina Authorities at the state level competent for migrant’s issue are: the Ministry of Security, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Coordination Body for Migration Issues.

Ministry of Security creates, maintains and implements the immigration and asylum policy, regulates procedures and the establishment of services related to the movement and residence of foreigners. Ministry of Security, in its organizational structure, has sectors that deal with issues of migrations, which are the Sector for Immigration, the Sector for Asylum and the Sector for General and Border Protection.

Beside these sectors of the administrative organization within the Ministry of Security, which deal with the migration of population, we also have the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, the Border Police and the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

Ministry for Human Rights and refugees consists of the Department for Refugees, Displaced Persons and Housing Policy.

Department for Refugees, Displaced Persons and Housing prepares proposals for creation and improvement of policy in the field of: refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, displaced persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, returnees as well as for the rights of refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the housing policy; it monitors the implementation of those policies, drafts laws, decrees and other regulations related to refugees, displaced persons and returnees, acceptance and rights of refugees and the housing policy.