Bombardier plans to invest in Turkey’s high-speed rail

Bombardier plans to invest in Turkey’s high-speed rail

BERLIN - Anadolu Agency
Bombardier plans to invest in Turkey’s high-speed rail The head of Canadian train maker Bombardier said on Dec. 23 that his company would invest in Turkey’s high-speed rail network construction.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in Berlin, Bombardier head Laurent Troger said Turkey was one of the world’s most important railway markets as it connects Europe and the Middle East.

As Turkey invests in a high-speed railway network to connect the Turkish capital Ankara with other provinces, Bombardier would participate by investing in a manufacturing plant and maintenance center in the country, Troger said.

 “The modernization process is proceeding very fast and government’s commitment of $45 billion investment to the railway sector boosts this importance to further levels,” said Troger, who on Dec. 9 was named president of the company. 

According to Troger, if the company wins one of the local high-speed train tenders, a technology transfer to Turkey will take place.

“We already have local employees in Turkey. But if we win one of the high-speed train tenders, surely there will be many more Turkish employees,” Troger said. 

“We attach great importance to maintain quality at this point. We commit to providing comprehensive training in a sector which is technology-oriented and exciting,” he added. 

According to the train maker’s chief operating officer, Canadian aerospace and transportation company Bombardier wants to boost cooperation with local companies for high-speed train systems.

“Turkey is one of the most important rail markets in the world. We want to produce high-speed train systems in Turkey with a strong partner,” he said.

The government intends to increase the length of the network to 26,000 kilometers, nearly double today’s 12,485 kilometers, including 10,116 kilometers of high-speed lines.

A number of railway projects in Turkey are currently underway in the western, eastern and northern parts of the country.