Bolivia's president urges rival to accept poll results

Bolivia's president urges rival to accept poll results

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Bolivias president urges rival to accept poll results

Bolivia's president said the opposition led by Carlos Mesa does not want to accept that they lost the general elections held on Oct. 20.

"We ask them to present evidence of electoral fraud, but so far no one has done it," Evo Morales said on Oct. 31 in a news conference broadcast live on Twitter.

"How can I use some institution to fraud or lie to the Bolivian people," the president said. "I can do wrong, we all do it, but I cannot fool my people, that is not part of my culture."

Morales stressed that he won the elections in 285 municipalities of Bolivia with 88% participation of the population, adding it is a "very high percentage unlike other countries".

"... my request is to pacify the country, clarify whether or not there was electoral fraud, in addition, I ask those who mobilize in the streets to give an intermediate room to their measures until the OAS [the Organization of American States] delivers its corresponding report," he said.

The president called on political groups and civilians to not instigate hatred, racism and discrimination.

Morales also expressed his sadness over the death of two people in Montero, Santa Cruz and the injured police officers during the protests.

Bolivia is in a political unrest after alleged irregularities in presidential elections held on October.

Mesa, the leader of the main opposition Revolutionary Left Front party, said he will not recognize Morales' victory, claiming there was "fraud" in the vote count.