Bodrum Arena to be built for over $80 million

Bodrum Arena to be built for over $80 million

Bodrum Arena to be built for over $80 million

With the help of Russian technology, the Bodrum Arena project will begin in around five months with a more than 70 million-euro ($83 million) investment, the head of the Russian-Turkish Business Council has told Anadolu Agency.

In addition to ice hockey rinks and skating areas, the complex, which will employ 300 people, will host concerts, open-air shows and events, said Akhmet Palankoev.

Pointing out that the project will contribute to sports tourism in Turkey, Palankoev said the complex in the Turkish resort city will be completed in 15 months.

“We also want to open a school where young people interested in ice hockey, ice skating and other ice sports can receive education,” he added.

The project will be implemented by SportInvest Bodrum that is based on the principle of a public-private partnership with the Municipality of Bodrum, the Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) and several private investors.

On Russia’s travel restriction to Turkey, Palankoev said the tourism sector in Turkey has made its preparations and is ready.

He stressed that Turkey is doing its best within the scope of coronavirus measures, and noted: “I have visited Turkey at least 10 times since August. I have been in different regions and I see how serious the Turks are about the pandemic.”

Economic and trade relations constitute the driving force behind Turkish-Russian relations. Russia, has been one of the most important trade partners of Turkey with energy constituting one of the most important elements of the bilateral ties.

Meanwhile, Turkish-German airline SunExpress has announced new routes from Turkey’s Aegean resort city of Bodrum to Germany’s Cologne and the Austrian capital Vienna.

SunExpress will begin its flights from Bodrum to Cologne as of June 25.

The airline will carry out its first flight from Bodrum to Vienna on July 3.

Pandemic measures, such as lockdowns and travel bans, hit the aviation sector deeply but the normalization steps provide recovery in the sector.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

SunExpress, which is operating daily flights between İzmir and Antalya, will also offer weekend flights between İzmir and Bodrum starting from July.