Bird species of Pedasa to be researched

Bird species of Pedasa to be researched

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Bird species of Pedasa to be researched

The experts will be researching a rare bird species from ancient times in Bodrum’s ancient city of Pedasa. AA photo

Bodrum’s Pedasa Ancient City dating back to 3,500 years ago is to be home to new research. The experts will be researching a rare bird species from the ancient times.

Muğla University Archeology department academic and Pedasa Ancient city excavation president Professor Adnan Diler said the flora of the ancient city would be researched through the partnership of different universities. Noting that Pedasa had a very well protected environment, Diler said it was very important to protect the cultural heritage.

The area is very rich in terms of bird species. Researcher Can Yeniyurt said this area was one of the most important areas for natural life. Research will be conducted for one year, the experts added.

An important city of Leleg

Pedasa was an important Leleg city located near Mt. Gökçeler that enjoyed its heyday between the 11th and sixth centuries B.C. and where a copper needle, various artifacts, and jewelry dating back 3,000 years were found last year in a royal tomb.

Diler has been working actively to preserve the ancient city of Pedasa for the past eight years and introduced a new project for further excavation. A series of decisions were made at the meeting regarding the anticipated work. Diler stated that Pedasa was an important area of settlement for the Leleg civilization. The Leleg civilization represents a very high level of culture. The limited information we have on the Lelegs will hopefully increase with this project. If we succeed, the whole world will be talking about it.

The excavations have so far unearthed numerous artifacts from hundreds of Tholos tombs believed to belong to royal families as well as at the Temple of Athena and Pedasa Castle.