Biopolicy: The needed new vision for a road to peace

Biopolicy: The needed new vision for a road to peace

PROF. AGNI VLAVIANOS ARVANITIS - President & Founder, Biopolitics International Organization
We live in a time of crucial challenges. To achieve the needed new vision for a road to peace, we must do more than ensure a climate-resilient and sustainable economic future. The Eurasian Economic Summit, held annually by the Marmara Foundation, is an excellent opportunity to establish new dynamics in all dimensions in order to overcome the tsunami of the multiple crises that are placing our future in jeopardy: The economic crisis, the environmental crisis and, above all, the crisis in leadership. This enlightened initiative can inspire the fundamental changes in human attitudes and behavior that lead to development that supports international environmental cooperation and peace.

In climate change mitigation, all sectors are interrelated because climate change profoundly alters economic, political and environmental circumstances. The crisis in leadership points to the urgency of breaking away from systems and policies of the past, where divide-and-rule was considered a smart approach, and to get world leaders to unite and benefit from a common, bios-promoting policy: Biopolicy.

Biopolicy places as a primary target the protection of bios = life, the most precious gift on our planet, and assures its continuity by reducing human arrogance, over-consumption and inspiring a new vision. We need to realize that our planet is the only planet we know where life exists. The perception of this dimension of space brings on a great responsibility.

Bios has existed for hundreds of millions of years; if this were a 24-hour day of evolution, human beings appear in the very last fragment of a second. But, with blindfolded arrogance, we have become a threat to the continuity of many forms of bios, including the human species. Is there still time to think, plan and act wisely in order to reverse destructive trends? Can we hear the ticking clock that warns us every second of the imminent dangers, or are we calmly following the destructive patterns of the past where every neighbor is considered a threat and where economic power is imposed at all costs. Ane international organizations caught up in a set of inflexible rules, forgetting how to be inspirational?

Biopolicy seeks to infuse society with a vision of hope. As we are moving into an era of meta-capitalism, we need to inspire the 1 percent of the population that possesses 50 percent of the world’s wealth to make a voluntary commitment to invest in supporting the environment and bios. If they continue to multiply capital that they cannot take with them, what have they gained?

Since the systems of taxation are for the average population, isn’t it time to build a new society by inspiring these leaders to spearhead the task of saving all forms of life on our planet? International bio-education for peace can strengthen the understanding and participation of every individual, by placing the environment at the heart of all academic and professional sectors.