Benedict Cumberbatch gets Hollywood star

Benedict Cumberbatch gets Hollywood star

Benedict Cumberbatch gets Hollywood star

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Feb. 28, just weeks before he learns whether he has won an Oscar.

The star of “The Power of the Dog” was hailed by Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige and “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” director JJ Abrams at the ceremony in the heart of Tinseltown.

Cumberbatch, who plays the title role in Marvel’s forthcoming “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” described the star as an “extraordinary honor.”

“I’m British so part of me is finding this incredibly painful,” he told assembled fans. “The other part of me is quite enjoying this massive ego stroke.”

In a speech that called for action on climate change and invoked the pain of loss for people affected by COVID-19, Cumberbatch also decried the Russian assault on Ukraine, and called for action to halt its progress.

“We can’t stand back anymore. This is no longer a time for avarice or sloth in activeness or in ineptitude. We need to act,” he said.

“Support human rights organizations... pressure your politicians, your bank, your industries to recognize anything that you can do to help.”

Cumberbatch, who rose to worldwide fame in the BBC series “Sherlock,” has been nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Phil Burbank in Jane Campion’s gothic western “The Power of the Dog.”

His nomination is one of 12 nods for the psychological drama about a repressed cattle rancher in 1920s Montana.

He competes in the category against Javier Bardem, Andrew Garfield, Will Smith and Denzel Washington.

The 94th Academy Awards gala is scheduled for March 27.

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