Base spurs rental boom in Malatya

Base spurs rental boom in Malatya

ISTANBUL - Radikal
Base spurs rental boom in Malatya

NATO’s radar base seen above in Malatya’s Kürecik region has drawn American soldiers who have been willing to spend $2,000 to rent apartments in the region.

With the arrival of American soldiers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) radar base in Malatya’s Kürecik region in southeastern Turkey, rental prices have witnessed a sudden and sharp boom in recent days. 

American soldiers and their families, who have been willing to dole out $2,000 for apartments that usually rent in the price range of 800 to 1,000 Turkish Liras, have triggered a sharp rise in rental prices.

Five star hotel empties 

American soldiers who used to reside at a five-star hotel in the town have now begun vacating their rooms to settle in their new apartments. 

NATO, which had previously rented 60 rooms at the five-star hotel, has now reduced the number of rooms to 20, according to daily Radikal. 

American soldiers who are stationed in Malatya prefer apartments as they plan on bringing their extended families to reside with them for their two to four year assignments in Turkey. 

Locals believe that the price of other products in the town might also show a similar increase as a result. American soldiers, for example, have been very generous tipping the waiters at the hotel and such spending habits could spillover onto other items.

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