Baku concerned over resettlement of Syrian Armenians

Baku concerned over resettlement of Syrian Armenians

Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov has voiced Baku’s concerns over the resettlement of Syrian Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azimov said that Azerbaijan didn’t stand against the resettlement of Syrian Armenians, according to APA news agency, but expressed concerns regarding the manner in which it has been carried out.

“For some reason, Armenia is resettling them in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. We are seriously concerned over this issue,” Azimov said.

“As we know, 50 percent of the Armenian population left the country, in this regard there are many empty places in the country. These places can be used to resettle Syrian Armenians in order to improve the demographic situation. So, Syrian Armenians will get an opportunity to live in Armenia. Taking this into account, I claim that in this issue Armenia is pursuing quite different purposes,” he said. “On the other hand, there may also be terrorists among the refugees; they can be used for subversive activities.”

Azimov noted that 300 Armenians trained as terrorists were sent to Nagorno Karabakh in 1993 and fought against Azerbaijanis. “This issue must be the focus of attention. This is not simply resettlement. Even if it is resettlement, we are seriously concerned about it,” he said.

No permit for illegal flights

Azimov also commented on a statement regarding Khojaly Airport by Nikolai Bordyuzha, head of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), saying Azerbaijan will not allow illegal flights over its territory.

When questioned whether Azerbaijan would shoot down illegal aircrafts, Bordyuzha was vehement.
“I know Azerbaijan’s president as an intellectual and wise person. I doubt that a country that has such a president will shoot down civil aircrafts,” he said.

Azimov said Bordyuzha’s statement can be perceived as a rude joke, the Trendaz website reported. He added that Azerbaijan is not going to shoot down civilian aircraft. “However, there are relevant rules of the Chicago Convention, approved by the government of Azerbaijan. Landing a plane at the airport to prevent any illegal flights also applies to these rules,” Azimov said.