Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in Kilyos

Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in Kilyos

Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in Kilyos In its fifth edition, the daylong festival Babylon Soundgarden will take place on May 23 in the ‘summer breeze’ atmosphere of Kilyos. Bringing together local and international artists, as well as many young talents around the world, the artists will perform on four different stages. There will be music for all the tastes; musicians and DJs, dance groups, electro, disco, hip hop, acoustic, all the genres will be represented… A day dedicated solely to summer music! 

Discounted presale tickets for this spring’s Babylon Soundgarden outdoor music festival in İstanbul went on sale Friday, concert promoter Pozitif Live announced in a press release. Tickets are available for purchase online via Biletix and at the Babylon club in Beyoğlu.

Anna Calvi, Wild Beasts, Goat, Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics, Nathan Fake, Acid Arab, Mo Kolours, Nilipek, and many others are announced to perform this Sunday. Let’s have a look at some of their musical profiles!

Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in KilyosAnna Calvi
British musician and violin virtuoso Anna Calvi began her career by releasing many singles that didn’t get that much attention. Often compared to PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux due to her voice and musical style, the artist is influenced by a wide range of musicians from Maria Callas to the Rolling Stones. She successfully launched her first album “Anna Calvi” in 2011 featuring many fellow musicians such as Brian Eno, Dave Okumu and Emma Nathan. Described as one of the most talented figures in indie pop, Calvi later released her second album “Breath,” which brought her a Mercury Award and her first EP “Strange Weather,” which is composed of covers of old songs. 

Wild Beasts
British indie rock band Wild Beasts began in the music market with their 2006 single “ Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants.” Following their success, the band signed with Domino and released three albums named “Limbo, Panto,” “ Two Dancers” and “Smother.” Praised by the Mercury Awards and the critics for their second album, the band’s principle asset is its innovative style and strong backgrounds with the tenor voice of its singer Hayden Thorpe. Wild Beats released another album “Present Tense” in 2014 that found public acclaim.

Mode XL
Ankara-based Turkish hip-hop Mode XL was founded by Evren Barış and Yasin Vural in 2001. The band, which is known for their outstanding and energetic live performances, signed with Hammer Muzik Record Company and released their first album “Atın Jak” in 2003. Performing hip-hop jam sessions in various cities in Turkey, the band introduced their second album “Serseri Serbest Still” (Rascal Free-Style) in 2005. After the release of their third album, “Militanz,” the band signed with Sony Music and began working on their fourth studio album. 

Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics
Nigerian saxophone legend Orlando Julius, well-known for his song “Disco Hi-Life,” and British psychedelic jazz band The Heliocentrics have created an incredible project together, uniting to make an original album with unique sounds . Even before the releasing of the album, “Jaiyede Afro,” the first single of the album, “Buje Buje,” kept the attention of audiences  with its perfect combination of Julis’ authentic afrobeat rhythms and the psychedelic touch of the Heliocentrics. 

Acid Arab
Acid Arab is a project started by French duo Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho after their trip to Tunisia. Inspired by the music of the Middle East, they decided to combine it with their eastern influences and techno music. The band stands out among other bands that produced experiential musical projects. 

Goat was founded in Korpilombolo, Sweden. The band hit the charts in 2012 with their debut album “World Music.” Goat’s music is influenced by all of its member’s different roots, and their style features afrobeats, psychedelic rhythms, krautrock, funk and acid rock. Inspired by bands such as Can, Faust, Parliament and Incredible String Band, Goat are known for wearing tribal masks and colorful ropes during their performances. The band introduced their second album “Commune” in September 2014. 

Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in KilyosNathan Fake
Nolfolk-born British DJ and producer Nathan Fake entered the music industry with his debut album “Drowning in a Sea of Love” in 2006. Characterized as the newest talent of electronic music and techno music, Fake has remixed the works of many important musicians such as Radiohead, Tiefschwarz and John Hopkins. With his innovative acid-techno rhythms, Fake was able to perform in the world’s biggest cities including Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam. 

Dengue Dengue Dengue
Founded by DJs and graphic designers Felip Salmon and Rafael Pereira in 2010, Dengue Dengue Dengue is known for its flawless visual and acoustic shows as well as remixes and mash-ups. The band took the stage at the most important music festivals in Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Stockholm. Dengue Dengue Dengue presents the great shows of electronic music, pushing the limits of the audience’s imagination. 

Zahed Sultan
Kuwait-born Zahed Sultan is an alternative electronic multimedia project. Having released his first album “Hi Fear, Lo Love” in 2011, Sultan was featured in the Hotel Costes 15 , one of the most important chill-out compilation albums, with his song featuring French DJ Stephane Pompougnac. 

Ayyuka was founded by alternative musicians Özgür Yılmaz, Altan Sebüktekin, Alican Tezer and Ahmet Kul. They released their first album in 2007. The band has taken the stage all over the world including Istanbul, Berlin, Lyon and Sao Paulo. Having performed as an opening act for prominent musicians and bands such as Jonathan Richman, R.E.M and Sonic Youth, Ayyuka introduced their second studio album “Kiracı Odaları” (Tenant Rooms) in October 2013. Their third album, which is composed of surprising and original compositions such as “Sömestr” (Semester), hit the charts March 2015. 

Nilipek, who describes herself as a “writer, player, illustrator and singer,” started her musical career with Ozan Tekin, Can Aydınoğlu, Tufan Büyükgüngör and Berkay Küçükbaşlar in 2013. The artist attracted a fan base through her recordings she released via the Internet and caught the attention of critics, thanks to her ability to write lyrics as well as her vocal performance. Her debut album, which is composed of indie pop tracks, will be introduced to the music market in the upcoming days.

Babylon Soundgarden Festival to begin May 23 in Kilyos