‘Askıda Ne Var’: A platform for enriching students’ education lives

‘Askıda Ne Var’: A platform for enriching students’ education lives

‘Askıda Ne Var’: A platform for enriching students’ education lives Askıda Ne Var (What’s On the Hanger) is the 7th Changemaker in the 8th season of the Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program.

According to the “Pulse of the Campus” study conducted with 1,312 state university students in 2014, monthly fixed expenses of a student such as rent, facture, and personal expenses cost an average of 655 Turkish Liras in total. The study found that meals and beverages constitute the biggest expense of a student’s budget, leaving little to spend on cultural activities.

Two years before the study was carried out, entrepreneur Oğuzhan Canım and a group of volunteers launched an enterprise to support the personal development of university students during their education life.  

People who want to support this initiative can follow the guidelines on the Askıda Ne Var website and provide meals, products and services to university students, while struggling students can register on the website with their student certificate and get access to various products and services.

Since its launch in 2012, Askıda Ne Var has supported around 250,000 university students, providing meals, clothing, theatre/concert/cinema tickets, books, and study abroad opportunities.

In addition, Askıda Ne Var has provided a first step to many students entering the worlds they dream of, such as one student who now pursues amateur theater after receiving a theater play ticket from Askıda Ne Var.

Today, Askıda Ne Var has thousands of volunteers and is supported by many actors/actresses, pop singers, and companies. The group thus contributes to the advancement of solidarity and sharing, making a huge positive difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students.