Artist Damla Sönmez guest of Turki Ekstra

Artist Damla Sönmez guest of Turki Ekstra

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
Artist Damla Sönmez guest of Turki Ekstra

Award-winning Turkish actress Damla Sönmez replied questions from viewers during Turki Ekstra, a program on the UAE-based MBC4 channel. DHA Photo

Turkish actress Damla Sönmez, who won the Best Actress Award at the Milan International Film Festival for her role in “Deniz Seviyesi” (Across the Sea) in September, made a guest appearance on “Turki Ekstra,” a program on the UAE-based MBC4 channel. 

Speaking on the program, Sönmez said she had never thought of anything other than acting, adding her mother used to take her to children’s theater when she was a young. 

“When I grew up, I used to go to the backstage to celebrate artists. I was asking them ‘I want to be an actress. What is your advice?’ I have never thought of another profession,” she said.

Sönmez said she had always loved the characters she played and was impressed by their stories. “It is more important to please yourself before everything,” she added. 

Replying to questions from viewers, the actress said human characters were very complicated and complicated characters in scripts drew her attention so she wanted to play those characters. 

Sönmez said she would take part in the premiere of a new theater play called “Damlacıklar” (Droplets) on Nov. 11. “This [the play] is the relation of a quantum physician and a man who is producing organic honey. It starts as a romantic-comedy play but ends sadly. We are excited for the play,” she said.