Armenia sending aid to Turkey

Armenia sending aid to Turkey

An Armenian air plane carrying 111 tents, 4,345 blankets and 474 mattresses for victims of last week’s devastating earthquake in Van landed in the eastern province of Erzurum on Oct. 28.

The dispatch of Armenia’s assistance was delayed because the plane, which had been originally expected to arrive on the night of Oct. 27, had to wait for Turkey to issue flight clearance.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan offered Abdullah Gül assistance and condolences immediately after the quake on Oct. 23.

Planes carrying aid from the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Russia also landed in Erzurum on Oct. 28. Planes from Qatar, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Denmark carrying humanitarian aid were expected to land in Erzurum later on Oct. 28 as well as Oct. 29. k HDN

EU member states have offered 4,575 tents, a statement from the Delegation of the European Union said Oct. 28. Of the 4,575 tents, Austria has offered 32 tents (maximum-size); Belgium 400 (family-size); Denmark 100 (seven-person); Estonia 329 (family-size); France 490 (family-size); Germany 500 (family-size); Luxembourg 360 (family-size); Ireland 624, (family-size); Romania 100 (family-size); Slovakia 10 (various sizes); Slovenia two (20-person), Spain 329 (family-size); Sweden 155 (with heating system) and the U.K. with 1,144 (family-size).