Archaeopark field abandoned in İzmir

Archaeopark field abandoned in İzmir

İZMİR - Doğan News Agency
Archaeopark field abandoned in İzmir An archeopark field in İzmir’s Altınpark neighborhood, which was designed by the Konak Municipality in 2000, has been abandoned. 

The field had been covered over and was waiting to be opened to the public, but over the course of three years it turned into a dumping ground for people living nearby. 

During excavations that were carried out at the site, a 20-meter long Roman road, the remains of a Roman house, and many other traces of ancient life were been unearthed. After the excavation work was halted, the unearthed artifacts became covered in weeds. 

The planned project had aimed to establish a museum in Altınpark with the aim of turning the area into a tourist hub. 

The archaeopark was planned to display Homeros and the historical Magnesian Gate, as well as artifacts unearthed from the excavations and others from the İzmir Archaeology Museum. 

A 1,000-person amphitheater was also planned to be built for global artists to perform, while historical Jewish houses in the area around the archaeopark would have been restored.