Ancient footprints found in Bursa

Ancient footprints found in Bursa

BURSA – Anadolu Agency
Ancient footprints found in Bursa

A pair of human footprints from 7,500 years ago was found in the Aktopraklık mound where the 15th year of excavations have been completed.

Excavations have been ongoing in the mound, located in the Nilüfer district in the northwestern province of Bursa. Istanbul University Archaeology Department faculty member Necmi Karul, who is the head of excavations, said the first settlement in the mound dated back to 6,500 years and continued uninterrupted for 1,000 years. 

Karul said they discovered new details every season. 

“This year, we worked on two structures. The foundations of these two structures have been protected very well. We took some samples from their foundations and have made new findings. The most exciting find was a handprint and footprint. There are two footprints following each other in the same venue. This footprint has made us closer to the people who lived here 7,500 years ago,” he said. 

The finding was indistinguishable and it would be hard to understand if it belonged to a man or woman, said Karul. “But it is about 26-27 centimeters,” he added.