Alexander Wagner’s exhibit opens at Galeri

Alexander Wagner’s exhibit opens at Galeri

Galeri Mana hosts Alexander Wagner’s first solo exhibition in Turkey between Feb. 6 and March 16. The exhibition will include the artist’s latest work on paper as well as a wall piece. Drawing on music, architecture and typography, Wagner’s work focuses on light, color and geometry, exploring the relationship between the perceptual and the cultural. In his recent works on display at Galeri Mana, the artist plays with the tension between digital imagery and the imagery of traditional painting, creating multiple layers of material research and conceptual references.

Neat, geometric forms meet with dynamic gestures and coincidences in these creations on paper. The artist gathers a variety of materials with different speeds and languages on these surfaces and creates a unique balance between representation, abstraction and materiality.

Wagner’s is the third exhibition in a series curated by Abaseh Mirvali that focuses on social, cultural and political experiences within a broad context of issues.

Mirvali is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Comisaria of Platform 5280 Biennial of the Americas, a biennial of contemporary art and critical thinking taking place in July 2013. Mirvali sits on the selection committee of several foundations and, in addition to advisory and directorial roles, is an internationally recognized contemporary art commentator and jurist.

About Wagner

Born in 1978 in Germany, Wagner currently lives and works in Berlin. He has held solo exhibitions at institutions such as RaebervonStenglin in Zurich and Berlin’s JET, SOX and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein galleries. Recently, he has participated in group exhibitions at Galeri Mana in Istanbul last year; Laurel Gitlen in New York (2011); Ricou Gallery in Brussels (2011); LOG in Bergamo (2010) and Temporaere Kunsthalle in Berlin (2009). In 2009, Revolver Publishing (Berlin) issued his monographic catalog and in 2010, Wagner won the Guido Carbone Award at Artissima.