Akbank Jazz Days continue

Akbank Jazz Days continue

Akbank Jazz Days continue Akbank Sanat is bringing together world-famous jazz masters, leading figures in Turkish jazz and music lovers during the Akbank Sanat Jazz Days, which started on June 2 and will run until June 30.

Turkish jazz vocalist Şenay Lambaoğlu will take the stage on June 10 as part of the festival.

German-born Lambaoğlu is considered one of the leading female jazz vocalists of recent years.    
Italian jazz saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti will play the Tinissima Quartet on June 16. Bearzatti, who performs as a soloist as well as with larger bands, has “both a lyrical and impulsive” style.

Algerian singer and actress Karima Nayt will close out the event on June 30. Nayt recorded the solo album “Quoi d’Autre?” in 2012.

Singing in Algerian Arabic, classical Arabic and French, Nayt has been praised by commentators who say “her art is a voice that allows her to talk about social and political issues.” 

All concerts will take place at Akbank Sanat.