Abidin Dino Sculpture Park opens in Adana

Abidin Dino Sculpture Park opens in Adana

ADANA - Doğan News Agency
Abidin Dino Sculpture Park opens in Adana

Abidin Dino Art Park in Adana hosts sculptures of Turkish artists such as Abidin Dino, Orhan Kemal and Yaşar Kemal. DHA Photo

An art park exhibiting the sculptures of famous Turkish artists including Abidin Dino, Orhan Kemal and Yaşar Kemal opened in Adana.

The opening ceremony for Abidin Dino Art Park saw guests such as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Osman Güneş, Adana Mayor Hüseyin Avni Coş, Işık and Nazım Öğütçü the sons of Orhan Kemal, actor Menderes Samancılar, Ali Özgentürk, Ethem Çalışkan and Rıza Akın.

“Those artists are people that we can never replace in our country. A country gets stronger by valuing its artists and art,” said Güneş, speaking about the importance of the part at the opening ceremony.

The ceremony began with the flying of white pigeons, which symbolizes Abidin Dino and Orhan Kemal’s idea of freedom. The ceremony also hosted a mini concert given by Suat Erdem and İclal Funda Erdem.

“All the faces of these sculptures are full of sadness. We do not want to see any of this melancholy and sadness here in Turkey. Many years ago building sculptures in the park was forbidden. Now it is free and this is important,” said Samancılar, speaking during the opening ceremony.

Adana municipality president representative Zihni Aldırmaz said Culture Minister Ertuğrul Günay had sent a telegraph with his congratulations on the park’s opening.

In the last two years they have opened 12 museums in Adana, an area that is currently bursting with arts and culture.