Israeli attacks in Gaza ‘unacceptable’: Ministry

Israeli attacks in Gaza ‘unacceptable’: Ministry

Israeli attacks in Gaza ‘unacceptable’: Ministry

The Foreign Ministry on May 9 condemned the attacks carried out by the Israeli forces on Gaza, which resulted in the death of Palestinians, including women and children.

“Such despicable acts are in no way acceptable,” the statement said.

Ankara “expects these attacks to be ended immediately without further loss of life and without causing a new spiral of conflict in the region,” the statement added.

The ministry also expressed condolences to Palestinians.

Israel carried out a series of targeted airstrikes in densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip early on May 9, killing three senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad group and at least 10 civilians, Palestinian health officials said. Two of the commanders’ wives, several of their children and other bystanders were among the dead.

The attacks set the stage for what is likely to be a new round of heavy fighting. They hit the top floor of an apartment building and a house in Gaza City, and a third house in the southern town of Rafah. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that 20 people were wounded, adding that some were in serious or critical condition.

Israel said that it targeted several militant training sites as well before the airstrikes halted at daybreak.

At midday, tens of thousands of people took part in two funerals, with at least 10 bodies being mourned at one funeral in Gaza City. Mourners carried the bodies, which lay on stretchers, on their shoulders to ambulances. Children’s coffins were carried next to those of their parents.