Youngsters settle in treehouse amid epidemic

Youngsters settle in treehouse amid epidemic

MANİSA – Demirören News Agency
Youngsters settle in treehouse amid epidemic

Three friends living in the Aegean province of Manisa built a treehouse on their land in Spil Mountain National Park to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak.

The young people, who have been living in the treehouse for seven days, said that they were determined to stay here until the outbreak ends.

The three friends completed the construction of the seven-meter-high tree house, without harming the nature, meticulously and after two weeks of work.

Youngsters settle in treehouse amid epidemic“We have been preparing this project with our friends for two months. We were getting a little slow because it was fun, but with the coronavirus cases increasing day by day, we accelerated our project. It took this form with brisk work,” said Alihan Sayılır, one of the young people who built the treehouse.

“We have been staying here for about seven days. Rice, flour, pasta, olive oil, tea and everything we need briefly is here. We do not go to the city unless it is necessary,” Sayılır added.

Stating that they will not get off the Spil Mountain until the danger of virus passes, Semih Yiğit, one of the young men, said that the treehouse was built without any damage to nature.

Explaining that the tree house they built is a very beautiful valley view, Ertürk Akpınar said that the cost was important when designing the treehouse, so they paid attention to building it with waste and useless parts.