Women participation in business ‘a must’

Women participation in business ‘a must’

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Women participation in business ‘a must’

Businesswomen Güler Sabancı says that economic development is not likely without women’s participation. DHA Photo

Sabancı Holding Chairwoman Güler Sabancı has said women’s participation in business life is not a preference, privilege or a matter of equality, but rather an obligation to lead the country to success and growth, in a written statement ahead of International Working Women’s Day on March 8.

“It is an accurate business decision to ensure women’s participation in business life,” she said on March 7. 
“I consider this day as an opportunity to remember once again the importance of women who shape every part of life, beyond celebrating this day,” she added.

“The quality of their contribution and their added-value should not be ignored within the success of business,” she said.

Having referred to research conducted by Fortune and Credit Suisse, Sabancı said companies with gender balance as well as companies with more female managers show greater performance and build-up more quickly when compared to others. 

Therefore, “we cannot speak of economic development by not including women,” she noted. 

Let’s act together now: Association

“As we always say: We do not want privilege, we want equality,” said Sabancı, adding that women should be assessed “depending on their qualities, skills and capacities in an equal manner.”

Turkey’s top business organization has also called for all political, public, business and NGO leaders to work together to make gender equality possible in a written statement. 

“We cannot fly with one wing… We need to establish a climate in which women can realize their potential in any field altogether and now,” said the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD). 

TÜSİAD also noted that one of every four women faces economic violence.

“They are not allowed to work and they are forced to quit their job or to give their money. Violence against women is a violation of human rights. We need to overcome any negative conditions which make women vulnerable to violent acts in society,” it noted.