What a superpower Turkey is

What a superpower Turkey is

MEHMET Y. YILMAZ myy@hurriyet.com.tr
We were already a country that was not very normal; but we are increasingly becoming weird.
For instance, the front page of the story in daily Sabah was devoted to a theological debate.

I have this wonderful habit of mine of not watching television debates but, friends of mine who can’t fall asleep very easily and therefore spend the whole evening in front of the screen told me the issue was also discussed on some TV channels.

The issue at stake is this: Did Fettullah Gülen curse in one of his recent traditional daily sermons or not? If he did; is that compatible with Islam?

There are tremendous corruption claims; the government is making amendments on decrees against the laws and the Constitution in order to involve itself with the investigation, and there is nearly no head of department left in the police, but what are we discussing: “Does cursing have a place in religion?”

The head of Religious Affairs shouted: “You don’t even curse at your enemies!”

Academics from theology faculties have been brought into the discussion of course. Apparently cursing does not have a place in religion.

There was no such discussion when Bülent Arınç, deputy prime minister, had stated he cursed everyday against a female parliamentarian of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

Therefore what is more important than the substance of the curse is who expresses it and the target of it.

If we have forgotten the money and started to talk about theology, I think it is timely to get back to the issue of djinns. One would recall that Fettulah Gülen had said: “It appears that the future super powers will use djinns in their fignt against each other.”

Well as the two super powers of the courtry are fighting against each other, we can say thet the one which will make a beter use of djinns will win the fight. Let me add at this point something that has not yet come up to the mind of the government. Perhaps it was the djinns that placed secretly the money in the houses of the head of Halkbank and tne minister’s son.

External forces and internal allies behind corruption probe

Some $4.5 million was found in shoeboxes in the house of the head of Halkbank. Some 1.2 million liras was found in the house of the interior minister’s son’s house.

This type of news goes on and on.

Apparently the reason why all this has surfaced is external forces and their internal allies that want to prevent Turkey’s progress; the media (of course those which are not pro-government) America, Israel, big capital…

We just don’t know when and how Turkey has become so powerful to the point of disturbing world powers.

We have an acute foreign exchange deficit problem. Unemployment is on the rise. Our economy is strong but the lira has weakened to above two to the dollar.

The Turkish state cannot even save journalist Bünyamin Aygün being kidnapped by armed forces that it has been financially supporting. But if you were to listen to the spokespersons of the government, the corruption operation was triggered by those who do not want Turkey to become a superpower.

Stay away from the statements of the government spokespersons if you want to maintain your mental health.