Well-known business figures gather on ICC board

Well-known business figures gather on ICC board

Well-known business figures gather on ICC board

Gerard Worms, president of the International Chamber of Commerce

The ICC Executive Board is the league of global business giants.
The European vice chairman of Rothschild Group, which operates in over 42 countries, Gerard Worms, is the chairman of the organization.

The board also includes well-known business people such as the president and CEO of McGraw-Hill Companies, which operates in 40 countries; the group chairman of the Fung group of companies; the vice president of Vodafone; the chairman of the board of directors of Zurich Financial Services, one of the world’s leading insurance companies; the chairman of a worldwide investor in the energy sector, Daesung Industrial; the chairman of Mitsubishi Corporation, a Japanese company operating over 90 countries; and the president of Italian sports company Lotto Sport Italia.

Board meeting in China

Hisarcıklıoğlu was elected to the ICC Board of Directors on June 29, 2012 during the ICC World Council Meeting held in Paris. He will attend the ICC Executive Board Meeting in China at the end of the month and will convey the messages of the

Turkish business community to world leaders.