We are Turkey’s Amazon, hepsiburada.com chairwoman says

We are Turkey’s Amazon, hepsiburada.com chairwoman says

PARIS – Doğan News Agency
We are Turkey’s Amazon, hepsiburada.com chairwoman says

Hanzade Doğan Boyner speaks at the World Retail Congress in Paris. DHA photo

Major Turkish online store hepsiburada.com sells more than 1 million products per month, varying from cosmetics to books, from home appliances to furniture, hepsiburada.com chairwoman Hanzade Doğan Boyner told participants at the World Retail Congress in Paris.

“With more than 5,000 suppliers offering more than 500,000 kinds of products, hepsiburada.com has only a few matches around the world,” Doğan Boyner, the summit’s sole Turkish guest, said on Tuesday. “Our product variety and the quality of our service makes us the Amazon of Turkey.”

The share of e-commerce in the total retail sector in Turkey is 1 percent, while it is 5 percent in Europe, she noted, speaking at the annual conference for business people in the retail industry.

“Forty-one percent of Turkey’s 75 million population is below the age of 25. The youth that give up the traditional shopping will help Turkey pass Europe in e-commerce in five years’ time. In other words, us, meaning the e-commerce, are shaping the future,” Doğan Boyner said, adding that hepsiburada.com had four major warehouses and had sold more than 1 million products last month.

“We deliver 70 percent of the orders to the customer in one day. Our target for December is to sell 2 million products,” she said.

Although technology has changed the method of shopping, it has not changed the reasons, with people still buying “because they need it,” Doğan Boyner said. “Today, traditional shops are in a tough competition with online stores such as hepsiburada.com,” she added.

“The shops that offer us the products we want at a close distance to our homes are being replaced by firms that give us the chance to compare prices with one button, pay without waiting in lines in front of cashiers, and deliver the product we want to our door without dealing with traffic and transportation problems,” Doğan Boyner said.