US sees Turkey as crucial energy hub: US official

US sees Turkey as crucial energy hub: US official

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
US sees Turkey as crucial energy hub: US official Turkey and the U.S. will continue to build on their successful energy cooperation as the U.S. views Turkey as an important energy hub, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said on April 27.      

Speaking at the eighth Atlantic Council Istanbul Summit, Perry said the summit offered a great opportunity to put a spotlight on Turkey’s significance in the center of regional energy matters.
The two NATO allies are not only significant trading partners but most importantly they are friends, he said, adding that Washington is proud of its cooperation with Turkey.      

“Turkey is an important energy transit country. It is opening new markets for renewables and has a growing economy with significant energy needs,” Perry added.      

“In the coming years I trust we can deepen our cooperation in the energy sector,” he noted.      

“The U.S. is committed to ensuring universal access to affordable and reliable energy to promote economic growth and energy security. We are focused on developing all sources of energy. As I shared recently with our allies at the G-7, traditional sources - coal, gas and nuclear – will all be needed for energy and economy security in the foreseeable future,” Perry said.      

Notwithstanding, renewables will also continue to play a developing role in the U.S.’s energy mix, he stressed.      
“We believe that it is wise for countries to use and pursue a full range of energy resources, including high-efficiency, low-emissions coal and natural gas,” Perry said.      

He added that adequate financing from multilateral development banks and private sector investment is also desirable, along with advanced technology.    
Innovation is a top priority for the Trump administration and the Department of Energy is committed to developing and deploying policies that will advance all sorts of energy, according to Perry.      

“As Turkey and countries in the region develop, new technologies and new sources will need to be employed in a manner that is commercially viable, secure and environmentally responsible,” he argued.      

“Turkey and the U.S. have cooperated successfully in many areas and we continue to see Turkey as an important hub for energy. We will continue to work closely,” he added.