UNICEF Türkiye appoints popstar Hadise as ‘child rights advocate’

UNICEF Türkiye appoints popstar Hadise as ‘child rights advocate’

UNICEF Türkiye appoints popstar Hadise as ‘child rights advocate’

UNICEF Türkiye has appointed Hadise, the well-known Turkish popstar and previous Eurovision contestant, as their newest Child Rights Advocate to support UNICEF Türkiye’s efforts in the coming year.

“I am honored to support UNICEF and the children of Türkiye; this is a dream come true,” Hadise said, adding that they have agreed to focus on issues that put children’s lives at risk, such as violence and child labor.

Let’s be role models to all children and adolescents of Türkiye and resolve issues through constructive dialogue, Hadise said.

“Every child in this country must be provided with quality, inclusive education, adequate social protection, free cultural and sports activities, and learning opportunities so that they can find decent jobs as adults and break the cycle of poverty,” Hadise added.

“We need everyone’s efforts to ensure that every girl and boy have the right to protection and a place to grow up safely and realize their full potential,” said Regina De Dominicis, UNICEF Representative to Türkiye, and congratulated Hadise on getting appointed.

Born in Belgium in 1985, Hadise pursued her music career in Türkiye and also achieved at the international level.

Being widely acclaimed thanks to her standing, musicality and stage performances, she continues to make significant contributions to the music industry in Türkiye.

Hadise’s success in Europe made her the strongest candidate to represent Türkiye in the Eurovision Song Contest.

UNICEF advocates for children are prominent individuals from arts, music, academics, ICT, sports, community-based organizations, or other fields.

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