Turkish unemployment lowest in 10 months

Turkish unemployment lowest in 10 months

Turkish unemployment lowest in 10 months


Unemployment in Turkey fell to 9 percent in April, marking its lowest point in 10 months, official data has shown.

The monthly unemployment rate was recorded at 9 percent in April, as there were 2.6 million people seeking employment during this period, which comprises of March to May, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) has announced.

Unemployment had fallen to single digits at 9.7 percent in March after being at 10.2 percent in February.

Meanwhile, non-agricultural unemployment during the same period was recorded at 10.8 percent.

The number of people employed in Turkey aged between 15 years and over approached 26.2 million in April, a rate of 46.1 percent.

The TÜİK data also showed the distinction between male and female employment rates with 65.1 percent for males and 27.6 percent for females.