Turkish truck driver dies in Syria

Turkish truck driver dies in Syria

HATAY - Doğan News Agency (DHA)
Turkish truck driver dies in Syria

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A Turkish truck driver was killed when the cargo convoy in which he was traveling was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between Syrian government troops and opposition forces near Aleppo yesterday. 
The convoy of Turkish trucks was returning from a cargo delivery in Iraq when they were reportedly caught in the middle of a clash between soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian opposition forces near the Elbeb district of the city of Aleppo at around 4 p.m.
The truck drivers lost control of their trucks in the carnage and crashed into each other. Hasan Koçak, 48, died in the melee although it was not yet clear whether he died in the crash or was hit by a stray bullet. 
Koçak's 34-year-old brother, Mehmet Koçak, said they learned that gunmen in a pickup truck opened fire as the convoy was traveling on the road. 

He said they would determine Koçak's cause of death once they retrieve the body from Aleppo. 

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