Turkish man killed in Amsterdam, in likely mafia-link assassination

Turkish man killed in Amsterdam, in likely mafia-link assassination

A Turkish man has been shot dead in Amsterdam in a murder that officials believe could have links with the mafia.

The killing comes following two execution-style assassinations in Istanbul that were linked to Amsterdam-based mafia wars over drug trafficking by the Dutch media.

Dutch police has identified the victim as Okan Fidan, 44. Two man fired on Fidan, one of them hitting him in the head, a witness said, adding that the Turkish victim was involved in “mafia businesses.”

Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported that Fidan used to be the bodyguard of a Turkish criminal and that he had survived another murder attempt four years ago.

The new murder occurred less than two weeks after the murders of Ali Ekber Akgün and Vedat Şahin, the brother of known mafia boss Sedat Şahin, in two separate attacks in Istanbul. Akgün was killed when two men jumped out of a car traveling behind him and shot him in his Bentley as he waited at a red light in Sarıyer’s İstinye neighborhood. Akgün was reportedly involved in real estate, but police are investigating allegations that he was involved in the drug trade and a murder in the past in the Netherlands. A Turkish news website based in the Netherlands claimed that was a key suspect in the murder of Kees Houtman, who is known as a leading name in Dutch-based mafia.

Şahin, meanwhile, was shot dead with Kalashnikovs on Nişantaşı’s upmarket Vali Konağı Avenue. A
friend, Ferdi Topal, was also killed in the hail of bullets while a third person, Enver Aydın, was seriously injured in the attack. Dutch media also alleged that Şahin and Akgün were acquaintances.