Turkish banks see strong appetite for credit: CEO

Turkish banks see strong appetite for credit: CEO

Şebnem Turhan - İZMİR
Turkish banks see strong appetite for credit: CEO

Turkey’s lenders continue to see strong appetite for credit, the chief executive of the country’s largest lender by assets has said, underlining healthy growth in investments and exports.

Ziraat Bank Chief Executive Hüseyin Aydın said his lender has seen 5 percent growth in assets in the first quarter of the year.

“Ziraat Bank recorded 5 percent growth in cash loans and assets in the first quarter,” he said during a press meeting on March 31 to launch a new wave of credit line, in comments that were embargoed for release on April 2.

“Loan supply and demand continues. There are people and institutions demanding loans,” added Aydın, who is also the head of the Banks Association of Turkey industry group.

“There are institutions that offer loans to those who want to invest in this country. We have seen quite high export levels … As Turkey’s lenders, we have been financing these moves,” he said.

Aydın also pointed out “serious works” to diversify and raise Turkey’s financial resources.

“Our bank has entered the Chinese market for the first time in its history. We will soon carry out bond issuance in this market,” he said, adding that there is “no problem” in the commercial banking side or deterioration in the loan quality.

“We cannot say companies are restructuring their loans due to problems…We always come together with our clients from time to time to asses conditions if any revision is needed in credit conditions,” Aydın said.