Turkey’s education pioneer celebrates 85th anniversary

Turkey’s education pioneer celebrates 85th anniversary

The Turkish Education Association was established 85 years ago today based upon Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s order. On Jan. 31, 1928, the leaders of the time, including the prime minister, 202 parliamentarians and the chief of General Staff, took action and created the Turkish Education Association to be one of the pioneer institutions of the Republic. The goal was for it to be similar to the Red Crescent, the Turkish Aeronautical Association, the Child Protection Agency and the Association of Charity, which with the development of the Modern Republic of Turkey as the largest social transformation project in world history designed the country’s future based on these organizations’ recommendations and decisions.

Today, because of its high reputation and recognition throughout the world, the Turkish Education Association arises right after the Ministry of Education in the field of education in Turkey.

The primary mission of the Turkish Education Association is to provide scholarships to support successful pupils with financial difficulties. In addition, opening schools and dormitories that compete with the modern world, as well as working hard to present scientific platforms to uplift Turkish education standards to modern norms and discussing problems of the system to provide solutions via raising awareness in society and helping to create Turkish educational policy are all important aspects of our mission. As of January 2013, the association has been working with the TED University, in a total of 25 schools thought Turkey and (Turkish) Cyprus Kıbrıs, one dormitory, two branches, alumni and sport clubs. Today, we are very proud to share that we have been providing scholarships to 47,000 students in the 85th anniversary of establishment.

Turkish Education Association has modern and progressive vision which aims to play an active role to protect and improve the value of civilization while giving importance to education from the early years to university in all aspects, both nationwide and on an international level. As one of the leading organization of the country, we always believe the only way to progress toward a bright and hopeful future is through education.

If a county wants to create national integrity, establish his or her nation’s future as the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading countries and benefit from the world’s advantages while keeping away from global harm, a quality education system is the only thing that we need to raise our children. Turkish Education Association has been working to make the dream of “modern Turkey” come true while sharing the experience and opinions of individuals or organizations who contribute directly or indirectly to education.

Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu is the president of Turkish Education Association