Turkey, Russia share ‘same views’ on Syria

Turkey, Russia share ‘same views’ on Syria

Turkey, Russia share ‘same views’ on Syria

‘Both Turkey and Russia are against intervention,’ says Russian envoy. AA photo

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Vladimir Ivanovskiy maintained that his country has the same view as Turkey regarding Syria since both of the countries are against “an external military intervention into Syria.”

“In most cases, the positions of our countries are close. We even sometimes share the same views. In essence, it’s valid for the Syrian issue as well,” Ivanovskiy said.

The ambassadors’ remarks came in a recent interview with Gündem Rusya Journal.

“Both Turkey and Russia side with ending bloodshed in Syria and both are against any foreign military intervention,” the Russian ambassador said.

In response to a question regarding the influence recent developments in Syria have had over bilateral ties between Turkey and Russia, Ivanovskiy said the relationship between the two countries depended on mutual understanding and confidence.

Turkey and Russia had similar perspectives in the evaluation of many aspects of international developments, the ambassador said, adding that Turkey’s and Russia’s common initiatives in foreign policy depend on a foundation built on the ethics of tolerance and dialogue.

Both countries could contribute to maintaining security and stability on a more large scale, he also said.
Underlining the convergence between Turkey and Russia, the ambassador cited his previous post at the Istanbul consulate of Russia years ago.

“I would not believe it if someone had said that visas would be lifted between our two countries and that trade volume would expand 10 times,” Ivanovskiy said.

The ambassador stressed his belief that relegations between Turkey and Russia would further boost.