Turkey needs more liberal constitution, says justice minister

Turkey needs more liberal constitution, says justice minister

Turkey needs more liberal constitution, says justice minister

Turkey deserves a more liberal, more democratic, and entirely self-willed civil constitution, Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said on Feb. 19.

“We deserve to enter the second century of our [Turkish] Republic with a more liberal, more democratic and entirely self-willed civil constitution made by our nation,” the minister said while speaking at a regional evaluation meeting.

He stated that the current constitution of 1982 has been in debate ever since the day it was adopted.

“Both the form of preparation and the way of application have been constantly discussed by our academic circles, politicians and citizens,” he said.

Although there have been 184 changes in the constitution made through 19 times, the minister emphasized that to call it an entirely democratic constitution was not quite possible.

“Because there is tutelage at its basis, distrust toward the nation and people chosen by the nation, and there is Sep. 12 in essence. We now believe it’s time to change this painting,” he said, referring to Sept. 12, 1980 coup d’état.

Minister Gül emphasized that this work for a new charter to be carried out in a transparent and participatory manner before the eyes of the nation is valuable.

“I believe that every segment of society, parties of all political spectrums, non-governmental organizations and our citizens will contribute and mature this process with their valuable views,” he noted.

Elaborating on the government’s struggle against terror groups in Turkey, the minister stated that they would carry on with this struggle with determination while adhering to the law.

“Nobody should have any doubts about the fact that we will continue our fight against the PKK, FETÖ and all other terrorist organizations in line with the law determinedly. Those who remain silent to terrorism while these events are happening in our country should know that terrorism is like a boomerang and will return and shoot them one day,” he stated.