Turkey, Japan hold festival to honor Galen

Turkey, Japan hold festival to honor Galen

IZMIR – Anadolu Agency
Turkey, Japan hold festival to honor Galen

Turkey and Japan opened a festival on March 26 to honor the founding father of pharmaceutical sciences, Galen.

The event was held in Turkey's western province of Izmir's Bergama district, the birthplace of Galen.

He is known for his works in the field of medicine during the the Hellenistic age (323-30 B.C.).

The festival was organized in collaboration with the Bergama Galenos Culture and Tourism Association, the district municipality and guests from Japan.

“Bergama is a historical center for pharmacy,” Governor Mahmut Kaşıkçı said in his speech.

Kaori Goto, a Japanese academic and head of the association, said Bergama would become a world-famous city with support from Japan.

During the festival, herbal medicines obtained mainly from daisies will also be showcased.

The festival, which will run through March 30, will present Turkish and Japanese cultural shows.