Turkey great after crisis: World Bank

Turkey great after crisis: World Bank

WASHINGTON - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey great after crisis: World Bank

World Bank responsiblefor Turkey praises Turkey’s post crisis performance.

Turkey has been performing wonderfully since the latest global economic crisis, according to a senior official at the World Bank responsible for Turkey.

The country is likely to preserve its favorable position over the next decade thanks to its young population, Martin Raiser, the country director for Turkey at the World Bank, said in Washington at the Turkish Economy: Opportunities and Challenges Panel, which was organized by the Turkish Industry & Business Association (TÜSİAD), Koç University and the Economic Research Foundation (ERF).

Raiser also said Turkey was a rising star both regionally and globally.

At the same time, Raiser noted the importance of the continuance of structural reforms. “Turkey needs more structural reforms to be able to avoid slow growth rates,” he said.

Raiser said Turkey had made many investments in infrastructure. “Social inclusion is increasing in Turkey mainly thanks to the spread of economic activities from three big cities to others,” he said.

For Turkey to find sustainable growth, the country should also “deepen regional and global integration, foster productivity, guarantee energy efficiency, raise savings,  increase women’s participation in the workforce and make institutions more [in line] with higher-income countries’ standards,” he said.