Turkey asks for coup plot suspects' extradition: Greece

Turkey asks for coup plot suspects' extradition: Greece

ATHENS - Agence France-Presse
Turkey asks for coup plot suspects extradition: Greece


Turkey has officially requested the extradition of eight military officers who fled the country after July's failed coup, Greek officials said on Aug. 18.

"The demand was received yesterday and sent to the justice ministry," a diplomatic source told AFP.

The eight men -- two commanders, four captains and two sergeants -- requested asylum in Greece after landing a military helicopter in the northern city of Alexandroupoli four days after the attempted government takeover on July 15.

Their asylum hearings are to begin on Aug. 19, when two of the officers are scheduled to appear before a committee.

In late July, the court of Alexandroupoli sentenced the eight to suspended two-month prison terms for illegal entry.

The men were subsequently relocated to Athens and are in police custody until their asylum applications are heard, a process expected to take a month.