Turkey a ‘dumping market’

Turkey a ‘dumping market’

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey a ‘dumping market’

Kibar Holding executive Ali Kibar rebukes at public institutions for buying imported cars. AA photo

Turkey has turned into a “dumping market” as producers are selling their vehicles at cut-rate prices in the country due to the shrinkage in European markets, Kibar Holding Vice Chairman Ali Kibar has said.

“Imported vehicles enter the Turkish market at [cut-rate] prices. Goods from contracting European markets are pumped into Turkey. This hurts domestic industry,” he said.

There is no regulation preventing large vehicle producers in the European Union from dumping their goods when they fall into difficulties in other markets, he said, suggesting a regulation that would require automotive brands to reveal the number of vehicle models at the beginning of every year.

Kibar also complained about public institutions that have not obeyed a notice issued by the prime minister to support the use of domestic goods even if they are more expensive than imported goods by a figure of up to 15 percent. “Public institutions prefer leasing. And they still use imported vehicles.”

Domestic car brand

Kibar said he has been open to the idea of producing a domestic car brand from the beginning.

“We have conducted some studies regarding a domestic automobile brand in Turkey as well. We have negotiated with our partners on various alternatives. This is something I always say: ‘If I had some extra cash, we would have already done it.’ We have the [necessary] infrastructure. We are evaluating the issue with our partner,” he said.

Kibar Holding is active in the metal, construction, logistics, trade, food and automotive sectors. The holding has a joint venture with South Korea’s Hyundai Motor.