Turk leading Europe’s informatics policies

Turk leading Europe’s informatics policies

Turk leading Europe’s informatics policies

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Dr. R. Erdem Erkul, who has been representing Turkey for the last six years at the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) and was selected as vice president two years ago, is once again a candidate for the position in the coming term. 
In a written statement on Oct. 20, Erkul highlighted the need for Turkey to fulfill the EU criteria in order to be in the European digital market.

“Turkey’s representation in CEPIS is highly important for it helps increasing Turkish firms’ market share in Europe and enable them to be informed about the latest developments in the informatics sector,” he said. 

He is now preparing for an election that will be held in November, according to the statement. 

CEPIS is the largest nongovernmental organization (NGO) in which Europe’s informatics policies are determined.

Erkul has a critical position in designating Europe’s informatics and software policies and the establishment of its market network.

Informatics Association of Turkey President İlker Tabak highlighted that Europe aimed to create a single digital market by centering its informatics and software sector together, noting that the works of the Turkish informatics sector had been taken as an example by the council.

‘’We are one step closer to EU membership with our membership in CEPIS. The EU is consulting with CEPIS when it’s taking decisions regarding regulations in informatics; thus, taking into consideration the opinions of the member countries through related NGOs. We as the Informatics Association of Turkey are mediating the process of inserting these opinions into regulations in Turkey. This is an important advantage for Turkey. We are most sincerely hoping that Erkul will continue holding a high position like the vice presidency. In that way, we as Turkey will continue to stay in a highly critical executive position in Europe,” he added.